Rosalina for Inktober day 9. I love her and the Mario Galaxy games.<333

cathartic sleepover korrasamis ~//o//~

so like autistic midou whos also got depression problems/possible bipolarity issues How About That Huh .


person: chris watch out! youre about to get your crocs wet!

me: I KNOW! its OK! crocs are made from a foam resin called croslite, which is made out of a polymer called ethylene-vinyl acetate! so theyre completely water proof!


it was for kuropins bday its her headcanon ^__^;;;

what if onoda completely aced that race

midosaka chan date

IT S LIke i dont think midosaka would be inherently Not Sexual bt i never rly..„ think abt that aspect at a l l bc i think it’d be so , soo oo  long till either f them were comfortable w that . like defos onoda bt ESPECIALLY midou bc its such a different territory fr him it makes him rly uncomfortable t think abt for a long time into their relationship so they jst dont and onoda is fine w that . and idk . this ship . matters so much to me ive totally fallen back into midosaka hell holy b e an curds . , , 


Get it, sakamichi